Counsellor's Message

Ms.Mamatha.H, The Counsellor of AIBM

Dear Aspirants,

Today, the choice is vast, ranging from the ever-popular engineering, medicine and management streams, to talent-centric fields such as fine arts and it has become very important to get the right guidance. There are so many career choices and, at the age of 16 or 18, a youngster cannot judge where his choice will make him in life. For this, he needs to be guided by the right person. It is, therefore, important for the student and his/her family to understand that the right profession is the one that the person is more likely to excel in the field of their interest.  

I come across students who are so confused about what they want to do, parents who do not know the latest trends and openings in education.


Recently, one student wanted to pusue MBA but his family wanted him to do CA. His results showed that he would excel in either career. After speaking to a counsellor, he homed in on MBA, because he could make a career in that stream faster.

Career counselling aims at discussing the pros and cons of each profession with the student and the family, so that a well-informed decision can be taken jointly.

In an increasingly competitive world that also offers innumerable career choices, career counselling gives the student proper guidance based on his/ her abilities and interests. So, if you are confused about which field to step into, or concerned about whether you are suited to a particular career, seeking the help of a career cousellor might just give you the clarity you need.


"Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks".


 I Wish you All the very best and looking forward to meet you at our campus AIBM,Bangalore.